FEAT-FMC appreciates the many Parents and Professionals that have given their time to support our efforts on behalf of the many Families that have individuals with Autism. And FEAT could never forget those that donated monies to improve the quality of life of
the Autism Community. Thank You...Thank You...Thank You...


Bradley's Mom lives for the day that Bradley's speech flows as effortlessly as his love.


Welcome to the FEAT-FMC web site.

FEAT-FMC is a non-profit organization of parents, educators, and other professionals dedicated to providing world-class Education, Advocacy and Support for the Central California Autism Community.

This site provides information to parents of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) including Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), and Aspergers Syndrome, and to professionals about FEAT-FMC, its goals, organization, and how FEAT-FMC can help families, as well as to provide information about other available resources.

FEAT-FMC can only support the families and children with autism through the unselfish donation of time and dedication of volunteers. If you would like to join this organization, have a desire to help others, and have valuable skills, take the time to check out this link


FEAT is working hard with the Central Valley Autism Regional Taskforce and the California Senate Select Committee on Autism & Related Disorders to Promote Policies and Legislation to better assist individuals with ASD and their families.

To learn about this important effort please click here: WWW.SENATE.CA.GOV/AUTISM


Jonny age 13 Diagnosis Autism. It looks like Jonny is thinking about the wind blowing in his face as he is cruising down U.S.1 watching the world go by. Of all the neat cars sitting around Jonny feels at home on a motorcycle.

FEAT, in collaboration with Fresno State Autism Center, CARD, and ACES, has provided $15,000 each to develop and implement a social skills training/therapy program to assist the emerging young children with autism into the adult world. FEAT and the experts alike feel an intensive program addressing social skills deficits could very well unlock the closed doors to independence and self reliance for our young adults. The resulting decrease in the pressures on families and society to provide care and sustenance for adults on the Autism Spectrum will pay tremendous returns. Besides it is the right thing to do. Prior to these three programs there was no attention paid to the future and independence of our young adults. In its first year of existence hundreds of children with autism, ages 12 to 18 have passed through this forward looking program. To get a job and then keep it requires sound social skills. This is a tool along with gloves, computers, education, and so on. Society and schools expect children to attain these skills through incidental learning (exposure). A far better way, for a child with autism to learn is through a pre-planned well thought out program designed for each childs deficits.

The FEAT-FMC web site averages 1,200 hits a month

There is a tremendous increase in the number of people requesting information on Autism. The requests are not restricted to parents of children with autism. The epidemic of autism will eventually touch all of our lives from family members to society which will be called on through their tax contributions to fund programs and services that the average family unit cannot possibly afford. Assuming you have already entered your name for our News Letter won't you please pass on our request to all you know to sign up to receive our News Letter. Thank you for your participation.


This site is a collection of information brought to FEAT-FMC's attention for all to use.

FEAT-FMC depends on continuous input from credible sources to update information and provide the newest information to assist Parents and people connected to the Autism Community.

The success of this site depends on your input. To respond please contact FEAT-FMC at info@feat-fmc.org

Thank you for your participation.


FEAT-FMC wishes to thank "Unwired Broadband for making High Speed Internet available so that FEAT-FMC can assist the Autism Community in navigating the confusing world of Autism Services. Unwired Broadband is truly a caring organization.



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