This is a group of volunteers helping Kids with Special Needs enjoy playing a number of sports.
Madera Special Needs Sports & Recreation. They need your help to continue offering this fantistic program.
You could not spend a Saturday on a better event. Those smiles speak volumes.

Saturday, April 2 at 8 AM
Lions Town & Country Park in Madera, California


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Starting March 2016, CARD will offer PEERS® for Adolescents!


Starting March 2016, CARD will offer PEERS®
(Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) for Adolescents.

PEERS® is a 14-week evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated teens in middle school or high school. Groups will meet once a week for 1.5 hours. Parent participation is required.
Your teen will learn:
  • How to use appropriate conversational skills
  • How to find common interests by trading information
  • How to appropriately use humor
  • How to enter and exit conversations between peers
  • How to handle rejection, teasing, and bullying
  • How to handle rumors and gossip
  • How to be a good host during gatherings
  • How to make phone calls to friends
  • How to be a good sport
  • How to handle arguments and disagreements with people
  • How to change a bad reputation
Parents will learn:
  • How to assist their teens in making and keeping friends
  • How to help expand their teen's social network
  • How to provide their teen with feedback, through coaching during weekly socialization homework assignments.
PEERS may be appropriate for teens with:
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Asperger's Disorder
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder
CARD locations offering PEERS:
  • Arcadia, CA
  • Aurora, CA
  • Austin, TX
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Beaverton, OR
  • Chandler, AZ
  • Corona, CA
  • Fremont, CA
  • Fresno, CA
  • Garden Grove, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Oak Park, IL
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Roseville, CA
  • San Antonio, TX
  • San Diego, CA
  • Santa Clara, CA
  • Santa Fe Springs, CA
  • Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Torrance, CA
  • West Sacramento, CA
  • Woburn, MA



The Matthew Paul Finnigan Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Matthew Finnigan, who was a high-functioning adult with autism whose life was taken before he could achieve his goal of helping others on the Autism Spectrum. Matthew was attending college in Monterey, and had visions of going into graduate school to use his strength in Math, Chemistry and Statistics and a growing interest in Psychiatry and Psychology to support research to help adolescents on the Autism Spectrum.

The Matthew Paul Finnigan Memorial Scholarship program provides two non-renewable $1,500 and $750 scholarship to students with California graduate with an autism spectrum disorder. The Autism Society of California is pleased to invite applications individuals with an autism diagnosis (DSM-IV or later criteria) pursuing full-time or part-time student pursuing a career in the field of Psychiatry, Psychology, Statistics, Chemistry, Math, researching cures or management of autism, or a career which will help adolescents on the Autism Spectrum. Students can be a graduating senior, or someone who has graduated from a high school in California and has been accepted to a post-secondary, undergraduate education or vocational-technical training.

Very short online application is available at


Deadline to apply is

Midnight PST April 15, 2016.

Winner will be announced May 12th, Matthew’s birthday.

This Scholarship Program is made possible with the support of the Community Foundation of Monterey County and the Autism Society of California. For more info visit the link above, email autismsocietyca@gmail.com, or call 1-800-869-7069


This is a great opportunity for a Special Need Child to play as every other child plays.

Fernando Santoyo's photo.

This is a great opportunity for a Special Need Child to play as every other child plays.

FEAT-FMC would especially like to extend a warm THANK YOU to all the School Districts, Business', Federal-State-Local officials,
Clubs and most important all the Families that have worked so hard to raise the Autism Awareness in the Central Valley. The following
is some of the activities put on to raise monies and put a face to this thing called AUTISM.


ABA for Medi-Cal:  How to Get It   A Workshop for Parents

When:  Saturday, February 6, 9 AM – Noon

Where: Central Valley Regional Center, 4615 North Marty

Please RSVP:  Elisa, 559-738-2292  eescareno@cvrc.org

If you need childcare, you MUST RSVP by 1/29.

Learn How To Get Therapies for your Child with Autism
Topics Will Include The Following:

 Transitioning from Regional Center

 What’s covered and what’s not

 Your rights under the law

 How to Request Treatments

 What to do if there are no providers available

 What is educational and what is medical

 How to appeal if you are denied

 Useful letters, websites and tools

Sponsored by a grant from;          John and Marcia

Given in Collaboration with CVRC, Fresno-Madera FEAT-FMC, and Exceptional Parents Unlimited

ABA con Medi- Cal: Un taller para padres

Sobre Cómo conseguirlo Servicios

Cuándo: Sábado, 6 de febrero de 9 AM a Mediodía

Dónde: Centro Regional del Valle Central , 4615 Norte Marty

Favor de confirmar su asistencia con: Elisa , 559-738-2292 eescareno@cvrc.org

Cuidado de niños proveido con confirmacion de asistencia antes del 29 Enero.  

Aprenda a obtener terapias para su niño con autismo

Los temas inluidos seran:

• La transición del Centro Regional

• ¿Lo qué está cubierto y lo que no

• Los derechos legales

• Cómo solicitar tratamientos

• Qué hacer si no hay proveedores disponibles

• ¿Lo qué se considera educación y lo que se considera medico.

• Cómo apelar si se le niega el tratamento

• Informacion util a traves de cartas y sitios web. 

Patrocinado por una beca de;
          John and Marcia

Dado en colaboración con CVRC, Fresno-Madera FEAT-FMC, and Exceptional Parents Unlimited



Carlos Vieira Foundation has helped hundreds of Families in the Central Valley

If you need help with your Child contact Carlos Vieira Foundation for Autism


Autism Aid Expanded to all Twenty-One Counties in the Central Valley

August 10, 2015 by Admin in Press

Livingston, California – August 10, 2015

Exciting news direct from the board meeting at local charity, Carlos Vieira Foundation. By unanimous vote, the Board of Directors agreed to expand their Direct Help Grant Program to all twenty-one counties in the California Central Valley. The grant provides assistance to families raising a child with Autism by paying for educational tools, medical necessities, electronics, speech therapy, behavior and social treatment, as well as a wide array of products and services that help a child diagnosed with autism to blossom.

Families living in one of the following twenty-one counties: Merced, Stanislaus, Madera, Mariposa, Tuolumne, San Joaquin, Fresno, Sacramento, Shasta, Tehama, Glenn, Butte, Colusa, El Dorado, Sutter, Yuba, Yolo, Placer, Kings, Tulare, and Kern Counties that wish to apply for this Direct Help Grant can visit their website at www.carlosvieirafoundation.org to fill out an application. Each child can be granted up to $500 annually towards items or expenses that will improve the quality of life and help a child with an autism spectrum disorder.

When asked why the Foundation expanded to the additional thirteen counties, Carlos Vieira, founder and President answered, “The families need us. People in need reached out to our board and their voice was heard. Due to our generous donors, we were able to move forward on providing services throughout the entire Central Valley. Our goal is still to expand throughout California but there is much work to be done right here in the local communities.”

The Foundation will be hosting a Poker Run and Concert featuring the band Moonshine Bandits at their annual RockNRide event and fundraiser on September 19, 2015 in Livingston. Interested bike riders, enthusiasts, and concert goers can pick up information about the event as well as secure grant information on their website at www.carlosvieirafoundation.org.

The Carlos Vieira Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization was founded in 2009 by one car racers dream to help children affected by Autism. For an entire year the Carlos Vieira Race Team donated all winnings and donations collected, to autism affiliated charities before starting their own Foundation. Since then the Foundation has raised and donated money to autism related organizations such as Autism Speaks, Families for Effective Autism Treatment and Challenged Family Resource Center as well as the countless individual families receiving funding through the Direct Help Grant.

If you would like more information about the Carlos Vieira Foundation please contact them at (209) 394-1444 or email info@carlosvieirafoundation.org.


Contact: Sam Yniguez
Carlos Vieira Foundation
257 E. Bellevue Rd. PMB #5150 Atwater, CA. 95301
Web: www.carlosvieirafoundation.org
Phone: 209-394-1444
Fax: 209-394-3964
Email: sam@carlosvieirafoundation.org


Gander Publishing
Visualizing and Verbalizing Seeing Stars On Cloud Nine Assessments Lindamod-Bell Workshops
Gander Publishing
Gander Publishing

For students with significant language difficulties, including students with autism, comprehending the world around them is a difficult or impossible task. Our programs can develop the imagery-language connection to improve overall language comprehension skills. Check out these featured resources, specially priced in April, and help struggling students learn to their potential.

Gander Publishing
Talkies Kit
Talkies® Kit

Opening doors to the communicating world.

The Talkies program brings imagery to a conscious level, serving as a
basis for oral language expression
and language comprehension.

Talkies is the primer to the Visualizing and Verbalizing® (V/V®) program,
for students who need simpler,
smaller steps of instruction to establish the imagery-language connection.

Buy the Talkies Kit Talkies Manual
Visualizing and Verbalizing Kit
Visualizing and Verbalizing Kit

Helping individuals comprehend, communicate, and think critically.

The Visualizing and Verbalizing (V/V) program develops concept imagery—the ability to create
an imaged gestalt from language—as a basis for comprehension and higher order
thinking. The development of concept imagery improves reading and listening
comprehension, memory, oral vocabulary, critical thinking, and writing.

Buy the Visualizing and Verbalizing Kit Visualizing and Verbalizing Manual

Use coupon code FRTKIT415 to buy the Talkies Kit and get 25% off the retail price. Use coupon code FRVVKIT415 to buy the V/V Kit and
get 15% off the retail price.
Offer valid until April 30, 2015. Please call 800-554-1819 if you have questions. This offer cannot be used with any other offer or discount.


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  Part of being accessible is being affordable

Affordable in some areas is simply not affordable in others. Therefore, The Applied Behavior Analysis Center, LLC
is now offering new prices on a number of our webinar workshops, so we can better meet the needs of those that
could not attend recent webinars because they were priced too high.

If you are interested in obtaining a parent 60% off discount coupon code click here. The coupon never expires and can be used for most of our work
shops as of today.

If you need financial assistance to attend any of our events, please contact me at adrienne@abacnj.com. Your confidentiality is important to me and I will
be the only one to see your request. 
Teaching independence to learners with special needs
New price
$50 for professionals
$20 with parent coupon
Puberty: A workshop for parents of children (tweens and teens) with special needs
New Price
$40 for professionals
$16 with parent coupon
This workshop is for anyone interested in puberty and behavior changes

How to Conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment
New Price
$60 for professionals
$24 with parent coupon

Understanding challenging behavior:  Part 1- An introduction
New Price
$50 for professionals 
$20 with parent coupon
Applied behavior analysis (ABA) and instruction of learners with autism
New Price
$40 for professionals 
$16 with parent coupon


Carlos Vieira spends a major part of his time creating funding events to support the Autism Community
in the Central Valley. The Autism Community can show their appreciation by shareing one of his free
events. You can thank him in person. FEAT-FMC absolutely love this man and what he stands for.


A user's photo.


This is a group organized to help Families with Children that are afflicted with ASD Autism Spectrum Disorders. Autism is a Spectrum Disorder,
which means Autism ranges from mild idiosyncratic behaviors to severe behaviors that require professional interventions. Whatever title your
child is diagnosed with, the treatment(s) will be targeted for effectiveness. The Medical intervention is not the problem. .. Getting funding to pay
for these treatments is the problem.
This Group has been set up to challenge the Insurance Industry that is required by California law (SB 946) to cover the diagnosis, assessment,and
treatment of ASD. As there is no known causation or cure for Autism at this time, you and your insurance carrier will get to know each other intimately.
The Insurance Industry has fought this responsibility for years, thus requiring California to step in with a Law. Even so violations keep cropping up
requiring Parents to advocate for their Children  with Autism. The Autism Health Insurance Project .org is a good group to have in your corner.       


Autism Health Insurance Project.org




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FEAT gifts to help children with autism develop social skills

Nov 7, 2013 ⋅ by Eddie Hughes ⋅ in featured0 Comments ⋅ Tags: Autism, psychology

Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) issued two gifts of $25,000 each in the past week to support autism treatment at Fresno State’s Central California
Autism Center
and Speech and Hearing Clinic.

The gift to the autism center will support its Enrichment Program, which focuses on helping children with a diagnosis along the autism spectrum develop social skills
through music, art and sports.

“The funds we get for operation allow us to run on a daily basis. We wouldn't’t have the ability for additional programs without gifts like this,” said Dr. Amanda
Adams, director of the Central California Autism Center.

FEAT’s gift to the Speech and Hearing Clinic will help fund improvements in the way families observe evaluation and treatment of clients with autism. Upgrades
will include a new audio and video system as well as iPads for student clinicians, said Jody Hironaka-Juteau, interim dean of the College of Health and Human
Services. The Speech and Hearing Clinic currently serves 85 clients ranging from ages 3 to 83.

“I am so grateful for the hard work and dedication of our friends at FEAT,” said Dr. Christine Maul, assistant professor in the
Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies. “We look forward to improving and expanding our services to children and adults with autism, to
continue acting as a resource to their families and to providing the best training possible to prepare our students to work with this very worthy population.”

The checks were presented by FEAT-Fresno/Madera County President Paul Lambert and Vice President Chuck Genseal, who each have family members
with autism. FEAT is a non-profit organization of parents, educators and others dedicated to providing world-class education, advocacy and support for the
central California autism community.

This is not the first time FEAT has supported autism treatment and research at Fresno State. Overall, FEAT has gifted $115,000 to university programs, including
$90,000 to the autism center.

“The Central California Autism Center has grown phenomenally, not just because of our gift but because of the center’s interest in advancing the treatment of autism,
” Genseal said. “The experts here are doing this so children in the area can have services.”

The autism center, located in Fresno State’s Kremen School of Education and Human Development, currently serves 43 children ranging from 18 months to 12 years of age.

“We are extremely grateful for the partnership and support that FEAT has provided,” said Susan Elrod, dean of the College of Science and Mathematics. “Their gift
will enable the autism center to continue to advance its programs in treatment and research to help children with autism live healthier and happier lives.”

For more information, contact Dr. Amanda Adams at 559.278.6773 and Christine Maul at 559.278.3938.

Related Links:



* 2013 *

Central Valley Regional Center...FAIR HEARING

     Tucked away in the small community of Madera Ca. lives a Mother and a thirteen year old teenager with Rett Syndrome struggling to cope
with the ravages of Autism. For years the Mother has fought for services from the Central Valley Regional Center, a State authorized non-profit
that was formed to provide services to the Developmentally Delayed Children of California. The Frank J. Lanterman Act was passed by the
California State Legislature in 1969. That Act simply stated the State of California had a responsibility to care for Developmentally Delayed
Children regardless of the parents ability to pay. The Lanterman Act has been under tremendous pressure in the last 10 years due to the budget
woes of the State of California. With the epic increases of Autism and the related costs of services the Legislature has curtailed and even cut some
services in an effort to curtail, contain these costs. Of course these cost containment measures have had a disastrous negative effect on the
Children of California with Autism. Autism does not have any known causation or worse a cure as of this date.

     On July 1, 2012 the California Legislature Approved SB 946 (Law), mandating Commercial Insurance Carriers to cover the diagnosis, treatments,
and costs relating to Autism as any other coverage. The only out of pocket costs to be incurred would be Co-pays. That would mean the State of
California would enjoy the savings of diagnosis, treatments, and or costs with the exception of the Co-pays. The Regional Center System
(21 state wide) stands to save billions of dollars. The Regional Centers with the exception of a limited few decided to also deny the co-payments as
well. The Attorneys on staff set in motion a plan to even deny the co-pays of parents of children with Autism.

     This mother of 13 year old Michelle was Medically retired due to a job related  injury which dramatically reduced her income. The Central
Valley Regional Center did not care and sent a notice of termination of coverage of co-pays. Michelle's Insurance (Kaiser is entitled to co-pays
per the insurance benefits package). The co-pay was $15.00 per day times 5 days per week for Michelle's  Applied Behavior Analysis up to a
$1500.00 limit per year. There was no way this mother could afford the required $15.00/day co-pay. the outcome of this action would be a termination
of ABA services for Michelle who is non-verbal due to Apraxia. The Central Valley Regional Center decided the best way to avoid the co-pays would
be to claim Michelle was incapable of learning and as such would not benefit from ABA giving them (CVRC) a reason for not covering the co-pays.
This thinking was in spite of a letter written by the Counsel (Lawyers for the Association of Regional Centers Agency).

     The Mother was forced to file for a Fair Hearing (Law Suite) to overturn CVRC's outrageous behavior towards Michelle. To support CVRC's
allegation of effectiveness of ABA the CVRC paraded one employee after another who in turn quoted or read reports (several years old) from
others that had never seen Michelle or treated her. Some of the newer material used by CVRC to substantiate their claims used excerpts and
carefully chosen passages to show the ineffectiveness of ABA over the years. It was even stated in testimony that Michelle's ABA Service Provider
(CARD) had requested termination of ABA services. This allegation was refuted by this same service provider in rebuttal testimony. During the
rebuttal phase CVRC admitted they had limited knowledge regarding Rett syndrome and the services required. When it was pointed out the Medical
Doctors at Kaiser had determined that Michelle's services were Medically Necessary, CVRC's PhD. Clinical Psychologist stated that Kaiser
had made a mistake. Consider this PhD. Clinical Psychologist had never treated Michelle.

Well today is August 21, 2013 and the California Administrative Law Judge that sat in on the hearing just published  her findings;

1.  The Central Valley Regional Center is responsible for Michelle's services as
directed by the Individual Program Plan (IPP) per the Lanterman Act.

2.  The Central Valley Regional Center is responsible for the out of pocket
co-pays retroactive to July 1, 2012.

This is just brief summation of the yearlong battle encountered by Michelle's Mother to get services for her daughter. The Evidence Binders for
CVRC and Michelle's Mother are approximately ten inches thick.

The Mother Paula Scroggins

The Daughter Michelle Scroggins




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